Made in Bali, Indonesia
100% Natural with No Preservatives
Hand Picked from our Farms - No Pesticides
Peppers | Vinegar | Himalayan Pink Salt



We only use the finest, most aromatic and freshest ingredients for our hot sauce maintaining our unique texture and World Famous flavor!

What people say

If you know you know! Absolute best hot sauce in the World. It literally goes on everything.
Bradley Damasco
Charter Boat Captain
Kona, Hawaii
The taste, aroma and purity of the Indonesian Peppers mixed to a perfect unfiltered puree, make's this a must have sauce.
Jared Lupin
Award Winning Chef
Phoenix, AZ
Ordered some online to give it a try, now, my customers and I can't get enough. I keep a case on hand at all times.
Latoya Jessup
Restaurant Owner
New Orleans, LA
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